IDC : Explosive Demand In India Boosts Regional Mobile Market

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Highlights of IDC’s latest report entitled “Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Mobile Services 2006-2010 Forecast Update: 2005 Year-End Review” covering the aggregated 10 key markets of Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines, the PRC, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand –


  • Subscribers rose 19% to 628.5 million and revenue 18% to US$81.4 billion over 2004.
  • As China enters a period of uncertainly from impending industry restructuring, the meteoric rise in India’s mobile subscribers will buoy the region’s growth at 11% CAGR over 2006-2010
  • The region’s fastest growing market is India, where pent up demand for mobile services coupled with expansion in network coverage, led to a phenomenal 58% surge in subscribers.  Despite such performance, mobile penetration in India still lagged far behind the region’s and stood at a low 7%, signifying further growth potential for the coming years.



  • Total mobile subscribers are forecast to reach 1.05 billion by 2010.
  • Mobile penetration is forecast to reach 37% by 2010, a big leap from 23% in 2005.  The growing popularity of prepaid services across the region represents the leading factor driving mobile adoption, which continue to lower the entry barriers for nascent demand and to extend the addressable market to new segments.
  • Supported by the launch of 3G networks in China by the time of the Beijing Summer Olympics, IDC forecasts 3G subscribers to account for 13.5% of the APEJ market by 2010.
  • IDC forecasts non-voice revenue to account for 23% of total mobile service revenue in 2010, a significant rise from a 16% contribution in 2005 for the APEJ region.

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