FT : Kashmir Is Skiing Heaven

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Was totally wowed by the full page glossy pictures of skiing heaven – Mount Apharwat in Kashmir.  The article entitled “100% Pure Kashmir” by Minty Clinch is in the weekend FT magazine which does not appear online so I have no URL reference.  These British types do have a way of expressing a deep love and fascination of India which makes for some fantastic reading.  I have captured the logistical details to retain for reference the tour operator’s name and details in case I do want to do this at some point in the future-

  • Last winter just 500 skiers found their way to Kashmir’s Mount Apharwat.  So if you like your powder pristine, what are you waiting for ?
  • Highest gondola in the northern hemisphere.
  • 50 km. from Srinagar to Gulmarg, which has been a popular holiday spot since the early 1660s when the Mughal Emperor, Jehangir Khan, took time out from building forts in Lahore and Agra to document the wild flowers in the meadows. 
  • During the Raj, the British made 3 golf courses, circling them with traditional hill station bungalows, and introduced skiing to the astonished locals.
  • Gulmarg hopes to welcome 1,000 foreigners over the winter of 2007.

Wild Frontier Adventure Travels offers 10-day packages flying Jet Airways (London-Heathrow-Delhi, Delhi-Srinagar).  Includes 1 night in Delhi at each end, 7 nights in Highlands park Hotel in Gulmarg, 1 night on a house boat on Dal Lake).  Cost $3,700.  Upgrade to premier class flights add $1,900.

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