FT : Superstar Of Ayurvedic Spas

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Kerala’s Kalari Kovilakom is the emerging superstar of Ayurvedic spas.  No coffee, cigarettes or alcohol, food 100% veg.  Ayurvedic weight loss and anti-ageing treatments top the list.  Have to stay a minimum of 14 nights, but for the full effect, consider a 4 week retreat. 

An alternative is Kalari’s brand new sister SwaSwara on a Karnatakan beach further north (fly into Goa).  This one focusses on yoga, with villa-style accomodation and yoga pavilions.  You can get an alcoholic drink here and also feast on local seafood. 

For custom-made packages to anything in the south of India, turn to London based specialist Phillipa-Kaye.

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