Guru Is A Must See

Friday, January 19, 2007

Saw this much talked about film Wed night with AM.  I was very psyched to see whether it was Abhishek’s breakthrough (at last) into the major league as some had suggested.  As you may know from this previous post, I have had serious reservations about Abhishek as an actor.  He seems to have survived this long in the industry on the basis that he is Amitabh Bachchan’s son, and well….not much else.  I went to watch Guru eager to revise my opinion about him.  I think I did.  If I went in thinking he has a career average rating of 6, I came out thinking 7.  However, I think the movie is as much Mani Ratnam’s triumph as it is Abhishek’s.  Overall, I’d give them both an 8/10 for their individual efforts for this one.  The courtroom scene at the end was in fact all it had been hyped up to be.  Abhishek earned quite a few stripes for that one which should keep him going for the next few years.  Gulzar has penned the amazing Tere Bina which AR Rehman has graced with an amazing tune.  It is an “all-time” song.  Rehman wins big. 

Downsides ?  Minor.  Abhishek looks like he does.  The camera seemed to zoom in a few scenes to mock his appearance.  My theory here is that Mani Ratnam was trying to remind us all of how little he as the director had to work with ; how much of a genius he is to get this kind of output from someone with that nose and total lack of star looks.  Aish looks again like she does not want to be wherever she is.  And I will bet anyone $100 that her head size is at least 40% bigger than what the average human being her size is supposed to have.  But I digress.  Go watch Guru – a film of this magnitude has not come along in quite some time.  The Aish-Abhishek chemistry lights up the screen.  Abhishek is quite amazing in parts – the best individual performance in a long time – a certain award winner. 

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