Gulzar Saab On BBC

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In my opinion, Gulzar is one of the most gifted lyricists to ever grace the Hindi film scene.  I tuned into the BBC this past Sunday (totally by chance) and caught a part of his interview.  I feel truly lucky to have located it online.  A gem of a find.

(click thumbnail for audio which is about 8 mins long)

2 Responses to “Gulzar Saab On BBC”

  1. mumbaiKar Says:

    Who knows what’s stuck
    What is jammed?
    This night won’t close,
    This day won’t open.


  2. Gautam Dhar Says:

    Thanks for sharing this!! Here is a Nazm by Gulzar sahab from the movie Raincoat..One of the best films ever. Very very poignant. I think everyone would like to hear the Nazm in Gulzar sahab’s own voice.
    Here is the full nazm in his voice:
    Mausam Ka Jhaunka

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