Greener Than Thou

Sunday, March 18, 2007

There come moments in sports that transcend sports.  These moments occur about once or twice a decade, in my humble opinion.  They are rare and cherished by generations to come – the stuff of legend.  They usually occur on a day held auspicious by one of the contestants and the triumph is almost always the underdogs’.  Last one was in Apr 2004, when then 25 year old Sehwag cracked 309 at Multan (later renamed Sehwagnagar in remembrance of this historic event).  375 balls faced, 39 fours, 6 sixes, first batsman in the history of Test cricket to complete the triple century by hitting a six.  And this, I figure, is what makes cricket so special – it seems to have the highest occurence of these legendary moments than any other sport.  Who can forget that match on route to the World Cup final of 1983, when Kapil smashed a captain’s knock of 175 not out against Zimbabwe ?  Helped India recover from 9 for 4 (when Kapil came in to bat, reduced further to 17/5), at the time the highest-ever individual score in one-day cricket, the first one-day century by an Indian, surprisingly Kapil’s only one-day hundred.  Well, ladies and gents, another happened yesterday. 

World Cup 2007.  Boring rounds.  Ireland v. Pakistan.  St. Patrick’s Day.  It was supposed to be “one of the many one-sided and meaningless matches at the start of the tournament”.  It wasn’t.  Ended with a huge Irish six in near total darkness.  Victory for the “wrong” greens, sending Pakistan home to watch the rest of the tournament from the comfort of their lazy-boys with a good ole’ Irish lager in hand.  Tell you what dude – next time I see otherwise everyday men dressed in skirts and stockings, playing funeral music on seemingly happy days, I’m tipping my South Asian hat.  The Fighting Irish are a passin’…

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