FT : Twitter Is The Talk Of Town

Monday, March 26, 2007

Silicon Valley is abuzz over a new mini-blogging service for mobile phones that some predict will be a mass-market hit with the reach of a YouTube or MySpace.  Over the past two weeks, Twitter has attracted the sort of hyperbole the Valley reserves for its next internet darling – though such self-reinforcing adulation also led to dotcom mania…..Users of Twitter post short messages – up to 140 characters – that can be viewed either on a website or on mobile phones.  “Twitter probably wouldn’t have existed before blogging, when people learned to be more transparent,” Mr Mayfield added. 

Though launched publicly last summer, use of Twitter started to take off in the middle of March after it was adopted by tech­nology bloggers attending the South by Southwest conference in Texas.  As people like Mr Mayfield lauded the service on their blogs, interest spread quickly among the Valley’s key opinion-formers.  The sudden popularity of Twitter has seen the number of messages posted on its site jump from 20,000 to 70,000 a day, said Biz Stone of Obvious, the internet company which started the service.  According to HitWise, which measures web traffic, use of the service jumped by 55% the week after the conference, though it said Twitter was “still very niche” and had yet to reach the mass market.

Reference : http://www.ft.com/cms/s/d0ccbc46-daf7-11db-ba4d-000b5df10621.html

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