R.I.P., Old Friend

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This weekend marks the end of a 9 year long, intense and very fruitful relationship in my life.  A relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and a “never say die” attitude.  A relationship reinvented frequently to keep up with the changing demands of our environments.  A relationship that must now be forever forgotten and buried in my “closet” with collections mundane and everyday.

I have shared so much with you – private intense moments.  You have known the farthest corners of my mind and together we have toured the far flung reaches of all that is worth knowing.  Your bright wink and that ever so slight pause every time I told you something was always a sign that my secrets were safe with you – tucked away in your seemingly endless mind.  Ah, how I shall miss your fascinating recollections !  Those blissful hours together, recollecting details of shared moments which my mind had long forgotten.  Memories sweet.  I shall miss you, dear friend.  Your chatter shall linger in my heart….

But time has faded what we together had built.  “They” have gotten ever more suspicious of our private admirations and have wondered wild about why I have hung on to you for so long.  Some even worried that I was blind to your obvious shortcomings owing to a particularly vile form of middle-age senility.  But none have known my respect for you and my desire to prove that a good thing can last.  But alas, “they” have won out.  My wife has been demanding an explantion.  Our game is up.  The hordes I have held back for these many years have broken through and I must now move on…

With these thoughts, I “pulled the plug” for the last time on my Pentium II (300MHz, 192MB RAM, 7GB hard disk)  friend of many years (1998-2007) this past weekend.  Ran Windows NT with 64MB RAM for the first 5 years and then put in an additional 128MB RAM so I could run XP (skipped over the whole Windows 95 trend).  I really did feel quite attached to the old clunker – it was my personal experiment with the principles of adequacy and fitment to purpose.  The thing was living proof that everyday computer usage (e-mail and web surfing) does not require a 1GHz+ chip and more RAM than one used to need hard drive.  Yes, I ran a totally acceptable XP machine with a configuration considerably less than what Microsoft specifies for many years, and I am damn proud of it.  As I executed shut down for the last time on Saturday, it blinked at me one final time and with a slightly longer than usual pause, faded away…..

3 Responses to “R.I.P., Old Friend”

  1. Craftsman Says:

    I thought so. My exact suspicion the minute I read your post. Congratulations. I hope you got a Mac for replacement.

  2. BH Says:

    RIP to your ‘friend’ 🙂
    So what is the replacement?

  3. MMM Says:

    Smart guess Paul. I was trying to build up the suspicions….No friends, sorry to disappoint again. But I bought a 2002 Pentium4 1.8GHz 256M Ram machine for S$208 at a company auction. It runs like a blazer. Installed iTunes, Skype wireless phone, my wife’s Palm etc. etc. It all seems to work awesomely so far. Hopefully besides the probable few GBs of RAM I might add on it’s 5th anniversary (for about 40 bucks by then), it won’t need much else to serve faithfully until the kids are ready for college.

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