MS Subbulakshmi : Hari Tum Haro

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bharat Ratna, Dear to the Mahatma, “Goddess Of Musical Notes” :
M.S. does not sing. She makes divinity manifest.”

hari tum haro jana ki pīr
Almighty Lord God, remove the sufferings of Your slaves.
draupadī kī lāj rākhī
tum badhāyo cīr

You protected the honor of Draupadi,
Lengthening the garment that covered her.
bhakta kārana rūpa narahari
dharyo āp śarīr

For the sake of Your devotee,
You assumed the form of Nrsimhadeva.
hiranyakaśyapa mār līnho
dharyo nāhina dhīr

You killed Hiranyakasipu
With Your fierce form.
būdate gaja rāja rākhyo
kiyo bāhar nīr

You rescued the drowning elephant Gajaraj,
Taking him out of the water.
dāsi mīrā lāl giradhar
dukha jahāń tahāń pīr

Oh Master Giridhara! I am only Your maidservant, Mira.
Here and there, there is only suffering and pain.

9 Responses to “MS Subbulakshmi : Hari Tum Haro”

  1. Interglossa Says:

    Thank you so much for posting the translation of the words. I know little about Indian music but I was very overwhelmed by this performer – such mastery easily transcends borders.

  2. vijay raman Says:

    elevating rich voice and song.

    lovely to have the meaning right here.


  3. Dulal Borthakur Says:

    Thank you very much for posting such a great song with lyric.
    God bless you !

  4. abherirasika Says:

    A very nice video clip indeed. Thanks for posting this

  5. Pat Sharma Says:

    So glad that you put the lyrics and the English translation up. Thanks!

  6. Arun Chandre Says:

    Hat’s off to this marvelous performance. Listening to this is so thrilling and nerve stopping that one cannot get away for a second.It is a blend of classical and devotional art with such an elite artist’s rendition, it is like SONE PE SUHAGA.

  7. Kamlesh Kapur Says:

    In the very first line
    Jana means people not slaves
    Last line
    Where there is suffering, there is pain

  8. JS Says:

    We haven’t seen Baktha Meera but MS Amma brought that bhavaa of Bhaktha Meera in this soul stirring performance, no words to express.

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