Gulzar : Raah Pe Rahtay Hain

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This is such a deep lyric that a literal translation does no justice at all.  Through so few words, Gulzar Saab paints a picture as big as the sky itself.  Of course, RD’s haunting melody works like magic here as well….

…jal gaye jo dhoop mein to saayaa ho gaye
LITERAL : when burnt in the harsh sun, I became a shadow
INTERPRETED : the tough lessons of life I learnt well, so others later may pass in peace

aasamaan kaa koi kona oda so gaye
LITERAL : I covered myself with some corner of the sky and slept
INTERPRETED : I found solace in the smallness of me

jo guzar jaatee hai bas uspe guzar kartay hain…
LITERAL : that which passes, on that alone I manage
INTERPRETED : through it all, I feel lucky to have lived at all…

One Response to “Gulzar : Raah Pe Rahtay Hain”

  1. Bharat Says:

    Gulzar saab’s every song is a masterpiece. Just ponder over these lines. “Raat Bhar Bechari Mehendi Pisti Rahi Pairo Tale” from the lyrics Jiya Jale Jaan Jale, Naino Tale Dhuan Chale. The lines create a picture of a woman who will soon be married. Night is full of thoughts about the days ahead and she continues to rub both her feet with each other. This Gulzar Saab has conveyed by saying “Raat Bhar Bechari Mehendi Pisti Rahi Pairo Tale”

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