Partner ROCKS – Go See It Today !!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It is my honest belief that only Bollywood can deliver “fall off your chair more than half a dozen times during a movie” comedy anymore.  Partner is the latest David Dhawan (amazed to find a Wikipedia entry for him !!) flick to rock the box-office.  As connoisseurs of Indian cinema will know, the Dhawan brand stands for silly comedy often catering to the tastes of the “non-sophisticated”.  Well guess what we found out Friday night ?  It’s fun being non-sophisticated after a long week at work.  And from the sounds of it, everyone in the hall was having a BALL.  It’s like mental mud wrestling.  Liberating stuff.    Group therapy.  Awesome. 

The movie was so good that I wanted to see the first half again at the interval itself.  It started off with some flat lines and I was looking around wondering what the hell we were in for.  But then it picked up – and HOW !  In the scene when Govinda cries with joy (the first time), I was laughing loudly and when he said “yaar main gareeb-type hoon” (dude, I am the poor-type), I almost hurt AM by my violent tugging to make sure she hadn’t missed the line.  I repeated it to her several times immediately following the scene.  She assured me she had “got it”.  The music was a real pleasant surprise and I’m going to get the CD just for that one crazy sounding bhangra/remix number.  Govinda is an awesome actor and he carries the film.  Salman, of whom I am not too big a fan, was very good as well.  Out of the ladies, I’d say if Katrina had Lara’s nose, she’d have gotten my vote.  Since I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, I’d say neither looked too good actually.  Come to think of it, that might be a scary combination.  I take that back, Lara overall scores just a little bit higher.  She had carryover charm from Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom where I thought she absolutely stole the show.

OVERALL RATING : Super Hit, boss – paisaa vasool !!

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