Cisco Grabs Securent

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cisco this week announced an agreement to acquire Securent, a provider of policy management software for enterprises, for US$100 million.  Securent is a privately held database security startup…..The company’s distributed policy platform lets enterprises administer, enforce, and audit access to data, communications, and applications in heterogeneous IT application environments, Cisco says…..Securent has 57 employees and development operations in Hyderabad, India…..Cisco says the acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of its fiscal year 2008…..

Securent’s flagship product is its Entitlement Management Solution (EMS), which uses SQL agents to intercept requests for data from users before they reach the Oracle databases and Microsoft Sharepoint servers.  EMS can then either deny or allow access to the data according to the security policies put in place by each organization…..Establishing and enforcing entitlement at the network level is consistent with Cisco’s Services Oriented Network Architecture (SONA), which lets policy decisions be delivered as a network service across applications, platforms and delivery models, the company says.  Cisco is now planning to tie the code behind EMS to other parts of its portfolio.  “We primarily see this working by building connectors to other products,” says Joe Burton, CTO of unified communications at Cisco, explaining that the startup’s technology could be integrated with Cisco’s Network Admission Control (NAC) offerings, IP Phones, and its Software as-a-Service (SAAS) products.  “We do see some opportunities over time to integrate Securent’s policy management with our other SAAS offerings such as IronPort and WebEx,” adds Burton.  Cisco has been making a song and dance about Web 2.0 technologies for some time now, snapping up messaging security specialist IronPort for $830 million earlier this year and throwing down $3.2 billion for WebEx in March.  Although Securent is a minnow compared to IronPort and WebEx, the startup will nonetheless form the basis of a new unit, called policy business, located within Cisco’s Collaboration Services Group…..This unit will be headed by Securent’s CEO and former HP exec Rajiv Gupta, who will be joined by the rest of the startup’s management team and workforce, according to Burton.

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