Jaagte Raho : Taqdeer (punjabi)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

…ayvay duniya davay duhaaee jhootha paundee shor
apnay dil to(n) puchch kay vaykho kaun nahin hai chor…
this world is full of hypocrisy, false are their complaints
look inside your own hearts – we are all thieves…
haq doojai daa maar maar kay banday lok ameer
main aynoo kaindaa chori, duniyaa kaindee taqdeer…
laying claim to the rights of others, people enrich themselves
I call it looted wealth, people call it hard earned and well deserved…
sachay phaansee chad-day vaykhay jhootha mauj udaavey
lokee kainday rab dee maaya main kaindaa ani-aay…

the high-honored I have seen being hung, the cheaters run around cheating
people call it the will of God, I call it injustice…

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