Taaray Zameen Par ROCKS !!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aamir Khan’s latest is a masterpiece.  Just go.  I cried shamelessly almost throughout.  Everyone did.  But it’s not a downer.  Very fresh.  Was amazed to see how far “Bollywood” has come.  This is a must see for all the following :
1. Indian parents.
2. Indian NGO types.
3. All other Indians.
4. Everyone else of all other nationalities.

The morning started with an outing to the Esplanade Library with IM.  Desperately hunted for some Fellini on every shelf but found nothing.  Was walking back to IM who had been comfortably perched on his sofa by the tall windows in the back when the sight of “The White Sheikh” under New Arrivals delighted.  Mere coincidences are mere when they find you ; they’re small miracles when you find them.  Read the one Fellini interview book as IM sprinkled Horrible Science tidbits on the otherwise pristine setting.  Fellini’s views on childhood, and the movie he never made about a large house with lots of children, inspired and enraptured.  Picked up some Kurosawa as well, based on the aforementioned interview book.  Noticed Daag (Rajesh Khanna 1973) on the shelf and noticed that Sahir Ludhianvi has penned it’s lyrics.  That was the one reason I picked it up.  Spent until 330 AM Sunday morning with Sahir Saab’s magical poetry, which I shall attempt to translate and YouTube next.

2 Responses to “Taaray Zameen Par ROCKS !!”

  1. littleluv Says:

    TZP is indeed a masterpiece. Lot to learn from it. Very close to reality. These days’ parents are really on a race to make their kids best of the best and in that race they tend to ignore many other talents that their kids might have. Which eventually with time, just fade away. I believe probably that’s one of the main reasons why India still lacks behind in sports (including cricket.)

  2. MMM Says:

    I thought the Dad’s pompous confidence in his beliefs, which eventually turned to regret and remorse, was very well handled without seeming preachy. I especially liked the Solomon Islands analogy which Aamir laid on him.

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