Sun Elaborates GRC Strategy

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sun Microsystems today announced the availability of its new Sun Role Manager software, formerly known as Vaau RBACx, enabling customers to automate and streamline access control compliance – a typically difficult, complex and manual process.  Sun also unveiled the company’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy to help companies better manage identities, auditing and compliance across the entire enterprise.  In addition to expanding its portfolio with Sun Role Manager software, Sun expects to deliver significant new product releases across the entire identity management suite within the next 12 months.  Sun’s comprehensive portfolio will address all areas of identity management, including access management, federation, web services security and auditing.  A key component of the company’s GRC platform, Sun’s enterprise role management and identity management technologies provide customers with a complete solution to help simplify access control processes, enhance audit effectiveness and reduce the costs associated with meeting GRC requirements.  Sun’s GRC offerings help enterprises better manage and enforce access to applications based on employees’ roles and entitlements.  In addition, Sun’s GRC offerings automate access certification, helping companies create efficiencies around compliance reporting…..

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