Shame On You, FT

Monday, June 16, 2008

This was the cartoon in last weekend’s Financial Times.  It wasn’t Ingram Pinn and it certainly was racist.  Note the obvious gorilla-like depiction of Robert Mugabe – the slopping hands, the menacing look, the hunched shoulders.  Absolutely outrageous.  61 years on and imperialist racism is alive and well. 

Shame, shame !!

(click for larger image)

6 Responses to “Shame On You, FT”

  1. John Snow Says:

    Oh, stop whining… It’s a harmless caricature.

    Caricatures exaggerate physical features, and just because you do that with a black person, doesn’t mean it’s racist.

    In fact, racial features like bigger nose and lips have not been used. The fact that he’s hunched just makes it seem like he’s up to no good. Hands are for grabbing wealth away from his people, and holding on to power.

    I don’t see a gorilla in this caricature, just a no-good dictator who happens to be black.

    Calling this racism is nonsense.

  2. MMM Says:

    Sorry, looked at it again (and again) and I still see a menacing looking gorilla. Mugabe’s policies may be abhorrent to the western world, but the FT ought to be ashamed of this “caricature”.

  3. OH NO! they did it to bruce willis too! made him look like an ape!


    see pic:

    Please get over yourself. Not everything is racism.
    Your blog was interesting until I read this post.

  4. MMM Says:

    Thanks for your viewpoint.

    Fortunately for Bruce Willis, however, I don’t think he can trace his blood lineage to the apartheid era, the cornerstone of which was the assumed genetic inferiority of the African native races. Mr. Willis is therefore unlikely to have developed some of the complexes and sensitivites which may have built up in Africans over the decades of being treated like a bunch of primitive apes by a bunch of truly primitive, crusading Europeans.

    Again, I in no way condone the outrageous policies of Mr. Mugabe, which have generally led to prolonged misery and suffering of the common people in Zimbabwe. Nevertheless, the caricature in the Financial Times I find to be wholly unacceptable, pernicious even.

    I will miss your visits to my blog but I am hopeful that I will eventually recover from the loss. Thanks again.

    • Andrew Says:

      I cannot believe you view an accurate caricature of on of the most evil people of our times as racist,I find it pathetic in the extreme. Since Robert Mugabe has been in power he has committed endless atrocities including mass genocide whilst becoming one of the wealthiest individuals in Africa, millions of his citizen’s starve and live below the breadline. His policies have turned one of the few post colonial African success’s, a country known as the bread basket of Africa into one of the social and economic disaster’s of our time. You should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating the nonsense that makes good people afraid to criticize an individual or group despite their obvious wrong doings on the basis that they then might be sited as racist. I agree shame shame shame but on you.

  5. Ben Says:

    MMM’s comment is spot on: – clearly a caricature is meant to accentuate features but drawing on a ‘black people look like gorillas’ stereotype has much unfortunate historical precedence and for this reason remains unhealthy and damaging.

    This point is totally separate from Mugabe’s status as a bad guy (which like most people I completely agree with)

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