Bush Farewell Tour

Monday, December 15, 2008

This clip pretty much summarizes how the world outside of Crawford, Texas feels about W’s presidency.  2 things this embarassment of a President does that had me rolling with laughter –

  1. Check out the “Yo Maliki whaz up !” handshake at the beginning of the clip.  Almost gets my vote for the most amusing part of the 39 priceless seconds here.
  2. Check out the way he comes back for Shoe No. 2 with the “Bring it on, MotherFu**er !  You think you’re bad ?  They don’t call me Bad Boy for nothin’” expression.  Too much man.  This dude has an IQ of no more than 75.  Please don’t hate him world, he’s just plain stupid.  I guess he wasn’t “greeted as a liberator” after all, Mr. Rumsfeld.

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