Dude, Fox News Rocks !

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Courtesy a recent forced channel upgrade from Starhub, combined with 2 days of MC (sore throat, not H1N1)-induced channel surfing, Fox News has given me reason to turn on the Telly again.  Dubbed “News Porn” by Imus because of it’s stunningly good looking newscasters, Fox News is rated as the cable news network with the largest number of regular viewers.  This is something I had sneered at until I saw America’s Newsroom with Megyn Kelly and some loser co-host.  Dude, this has to be the hottest 39-yr. old ever –

(click for full image)

She shot instantly to the top of my “Hottest Babes In The Public Eye – TV Celebrities” list.  The following clip, people, is what I saw last night and was blown away by Ms. Kelly’s incredible “talent & presence” –

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