Lego Low

Saturday, September 11, 2010

KM loves legos.  Not the 5-12s (implying abnormal 5 as well as 12 year olds) but the 7-12s – this I have to admit is my contribution to his Toys R Us Lego-rack analysis algorithm.  And it has to be Star Wars.  He built an amazing ship thingie last weekend – that contraption would’ve taken me a weekend and a manual to figure out.  He did it in 4.  Hours.  He’s definitely got the engineering gene, and it’s mutated in the transmission from bring labelled “second-class” to “first class with distinction”.  He spends literally hours flying his plane – sounds and realistic trajectory and all.  He is thrilled when I tell him in the morning that I had to “rescue” his soldier from in front of the TV to the dining table in an emergency evacuation procedure.  Or that I had to perform an emergency landing of his jet fighter in the middle of the night from in front of the sofa (where I had stepped on it) to his bookshelf ledge.  These are second hand army toys handed down from revered IM for his recent birthday.  He’d had his eye on them for a year and the wish was finally granted when IM realized he had outgrown them 5 years ago.  Anyone else trying the hand-me-down procedure is snubbed but anything and everything previously used by the-phenom-known-as-Bhaiya is not only readily accepted but treated as better than new.

  • Old cracked screen Nokia phone ?  “Wow ! You mean I can have it ?”
  • Giving his brand new next gen Nano for a 2 year old one used by IM in exchange for a monthly fee of 5 SGD “forever” ?  “Sure that sounds good.”
  • etc. etc.
  • Last weekend he had an elaborate F1 event organized in his room – tracks, ramps , the works to go with incredibly elaborate security arrangements.  He had snipers hiding in bookshelf crevices, hanging from cork-board pins, even one on the small fan electrical plug on the wall – “he can see everything from up here Dad”.  There was an emergency helicopter evacuation area, and grenades concealed all over the place – one in a small hollow house and one in the gap between two slightly broken wooden floor tiles.  These would be “activated” in case of an emergency.

    Anyway, back to the Lego situation this weekend.  Last weekend, he had finished the spaceship and was accompanying me to the Coffee Bean in Paragon – IM was out at a friends so it was just me and him.  He was glowing from the shine of his recent accomplishment –

    KM : Which of my Legos do you think is the best ?
    MM : Your best is the one you are going to do next.  (dialog lifted from SRK answering a reporter’s question on which one he thought was Amitabh’s best film).
    KM (smiling in acknowledgement of impressive response, makes his move) : Can I get the next one today ?  Impressive manouver considering that we are walking towards the largest Toys R Us on Orchard Road.  Coincidence ?  I think not.  Just the workings of an advanced intelligence. Plotted, I believe, when he was requested by Mom to accompany Dad to Paragon about 20 minutes ago.  Game, set, Lego.
    MM : OK.  But next weekend.  If you wait for something, you enjoy it more.
    KM : Promise ?  Formal deal closing manouver – also impressive – trust but verify.
    MM : Promise.
    KM : Thanks. 1000-watt smile bright in a very sunny Singapore sun.

    Next weekend.  Vivo Toys R U

    AM/MM : You have 2 lying at home.  Why can’t you use those ?  One dinosaur one and one…
    KM : I don’t like DINOSAURS (disdainful facial expression). You promised Dad.
    Cashier : That will be 55.90 Sir.
    KM : I low you Dad.  Deliberate Indian-pronunciation play on “love”.  Impressive manouver to break the “this is a waste” ice.
    KM : Dad, Dad – The power of Low.

    Laughs, hugs, iPhone pic on AM’s phone which I have to download.  If I can figure out how.  If not, I can always ask KM for help.

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