Wipro Offers Virtual Desktop Service

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wipro Technologies has introduced Desktop as a Service (Wipro DaaS), a technology aimed at providing users with a range of differing desktop experiences according to their particular needs.  The new service, which has been announced in partnership with Microsoft, is based on Citrix’s XenDesktop and FlexCast technologies.  The beta service, which has been designed for specific vertical sectors, such education, manufacturing, banking and healthcare, will become generally available in the first quarter of next year.

The software can either be hosted at Wipro’s datacentres or within the user organisation itself.  Its appeal is going to be in saving IT departments of the need to customise each desktop for individidual users’ own needs, by offering a plug-and-play, pre-configured set-up.  The system would enable desktop virtualisation to be implemented with little capital cost.  Microsoft’s director technology communications server and tools business, Patrick O’Rourke said that the system would incorporate Microsoft’s own VDI Premium Suit, which in turn is based on Citrix Xen Desktop to help customers to virtualise, manage, stream and remotely display applications.  “It will enable organisations to speed up VDI deployment, delivering appropriate desktops to each user.”

In a statement, Deepak Jain, Wipro senior vice president, technology infrastructure services (TIS) said “”Customers are looking for virtual desktop and virtualized application solutions that allow for a modular approach at a low operating expense (OPEX).  We see a need to simplify the deployment and management of desktop virtualisation.”  Wipro said that pricing had not yet been decided for the new service.

Reference : http://www.cio.com/article/print/623315

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